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Our objective is to meet the two most important requirements of regional diagnostic consumers. First, the delivery of a reliable, comprehensive, quality ultrasound study. A quality scan is tied directly to the high level of experience, ability, concern and care of our technologist. Second, is an undelayed response to a scan request. We avoid excessive depth in scheduling and focus our energy into operating in a flexible, stand-by and responsive manner.

Short-term and daily scheduling allow our affiliate scan request to be handled in a priority manner. Our efforts involve starting each week and day with an open window for scan requests. Constant communication between controller and mobile technologist allow for add-ons during the day – depending upon request location.

Where needed, CSD can establish daily or bi-weekly service to an affiliate. This opportunity offered, demonstrates our total allegiance and responsiveness to your needs.

Cathy J. Dice-Peters, LPN, RN, CCT, RDCS, RCS, has been an ultrasound technologist, for 23 of her 34 years in health care. She is a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer. She has been involved in the instruction of other technologists and has achieved full accreditation (ICAEL) status for echocardiography laboratories.

Cardiologists associated with Cathy consistently substantiate the quality, comprehensiveness and detail of each scan she performs. She is regarded as one of the best cardiac technologists in the entire region. Also, her warm personality and manner allows any patient to feel at ease and respected. Devoted, considerate patient care is her trademark.

Bryan L. Peters, controller of CSD, contributes 30 years of successful management skill. Bryan understands the importance of a considerate, positive, and responsive relationship between a service and its consumer. His success has been a direct result of untiring dedication to fulfilling customer requirements.

Our allegiance is to your hospital/clinic and patient. Our success and existence pivots directly on providing you with a quality responsive diagnostic service.

We will always do everything we can to meet your needs.